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Mind Eraser
Agawam, MA, United States
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Ride Description
Dangle from up to 115 feet in the air at up to 55 mph. The appropriately named Mind Eraser is a suspended looping roller coaster that takes you for a spin around a complex, mind-numbing course. You'll get sent for a loop five times in three different ways.
Type: Rollercoaster
Total Thrill Score: 10
Height Score: 2
Speed Score: 2
Duration Score: 1
Inversion and Rotation Score: 3
Wow Factor Score: 2
Height: 100 - 199 ft.
Speed: 30 - 64 mph
Duration: 0 - 59 sec.
Inversion and Rotation:
Inversions, but no Rotation
Wow Factor:
This ride is good, but it throws you around alot. It can even get painful.
 Mind Eraser
© 2008 lilmx5guy
Mind Eraser     
Rating: 5.5
Based on 17 ratings.
Reviews & Ratings for Mind Eraser
Rating: 3
Rating: 5
Canobie Coaster
Rating: 5
The Mind Eraser is my first encounter with an SLC and I am left puzzled by it. I mean the general public loves it and keep getting back in line despite complaining of the headbanging and headaches the ride dishes out. My experience on my first SLC was a mixed bag.

Generally this has a 10-20 minute wait, which just barely makes the coaster worth it. The station is very small, but you can wait for a seat. Surprisingly the front actually doesn't have that much longer of a wait than other seats so I often take it, but my favorite seat is the back since it is the smoothest in my opinion. I find it weird since you think that it would be the roughest.

Anyway, the ride begins with a good lift hill. I say good since there's no headbanging and it's cool to look down and not have anything but the ground beneath you unlike on B&Ms. After the lift the real ride begins. Now I have gotten rides on the Mind Eraser of varying quality. Some are actually on the smooth side (but that's due to me riding in an extreme defensive position), but others are very jerky and full of headbanging. The ride has a relentless pacing packed with some unique inversions, but they are pretty jerky. I however love the footchopper before the double inline twist since it always gives me cardiac arrest and I find the inline twist to be enjoyable and smooth.

As for my final feelings on my first SLC, it really is a mixed bag. I mean it's actually moderately enjoyable if I ride in an extreme defensive position and I usual end up with a decent ride, but any ride that I have to ride in that type of defensive position can't be a really good one. Overall, Mind Eraser is a mediocre coaster that is ridable as long as you ride in a really defensive position (keep head to one side of the restraint).

Favorite Seat: Back
Favorite Moment: Inline twist
Rating: 6
Rai Fox
Rating: 6
A typical Vekoma SLC, in need of TLC last time I rode it.
Rating: 10
Rating: 8
Rating: 6
Rating: 1
Rating: 1
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