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Agawam, MA, United States
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Ride Description
Type: Rollercoaster
Total Thrill Score: 10
Height Score: 1
Speed Score: 2
Duration Score: 2
Inversion and Rotation Score: 2
Wow Factor Score: 3
Height: 0 - 99 ft.
Speed: 30 - 64 mph
Duration: 1 min. - 1 min. 59 sec.
Inversion and Rotation:
Rotation, but no Inversions
Wow Factor:
The ride is crazy, but tends to run a bit slow. However, at the end, there is an incredible pop of airtime.
© 2008 lilmx5guy
Rating: 6.5
Based on 13 ratings.
Reviews & Ratings for Pandemonium
Rating: 6
Rating: 6
Canobie Coaster
Rating: 8
Pandemonium is truely a coaster for everyone. It's got drops, speed, helixes, and spinning (enough to make the ride fun and unique, but not enough to make you sick). Faced with limited land to install a new coaster, Gerstlauer embraced the challenge and succeeded with Pandemonium, a wonderful coaster for everyone.

First off, Pandemonium looks excellent. The paint job really stands out and the way that the twisted track occupies the area is great. There is one weakness with Pandemonium and that's its capacity. 4 riders per car at a busy park? Yeah it's a nightmare. Lines commonly are 90-120 minutes long even on weekdays! My recommendation is to hit it as soon as the park opens when the lines are calmer, or if you don't mind getting split up, the single-rider line is your best bet since it gets me on in less than 5 minutes.

I actually have to applaud Six Flags for their loading/dispatching of Pandemonium. The station was very small, but very well organized since riders were pre-grouped limiting confusion and making loading as quick as possible. Once in the vehicle, the restraints (seat belt & lap bar) are put on very quickly. Some people find them tight, but I find them to be no problem.

The ride begins with a suspenseful climb up the short 42ft tall lift. Now you may ask why it's suspenseful if it's that short? That's because of how surprisingly good the first drop is. It's very compact and gives some great forces. Following that is an upward swooping hill followed by some great hairpin turns that really get the spinning going. Next came two good helixes that give plenty of spinning and are quite disorienting.

After a quick brake run, Pandemonium kicks in it's even better second half. A quick drop off the brake run is followed by a great turn with some air around Time Warp followed by another brake run. This brake run is followed by the finale, my favorite part of the ride. The drop immediately after the brake run is excellent and a true "tummy-tickler". But the action doesn't stop there, as I'm treated to a nice bunny hill with some good floater air followed by one final upward helix. Usually the brake run is a dull point on a coaster, but Pandemonium's brake run is actually the most sickening part of the ride for most since the cars spin the most on the brake run.

Pandemonium really is a coaster for everyone. It's not that big so it appeals to families. Also, it's got spinning which makes every ride unique and somewhat thrilling, making it enjoyable for thrill-seekers as well. But the major reason for my love of the ride is the reridability of it. The glass-smooth and unique ride experience make for a very good ride that surprisingly is my third favorite ride at SFNE after the big two.

Favorite Seat: N/A
Favorite Moment: Finale
Rating: 8
Rating: 10
Rating: 5
Rating: 7
Rating: 5
Rating: 7
Rating: 7
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