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Superman: Ride of Steel
Agawam, MA, United States
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Ride Description
Superman: Ride of Steel is a steel megacoaster at Six Flags New England. It boasts a 208 foot lift, 221 foot drop, and just over a mile of track. Superman has been critically acclaimed since its debut, winning the Amusement Today Golden Ticket Award for Best Steel Roller Coaster in 2003, 2006, and 2007.
Standing at almost 21 stories tall, Superman: Ride of Steel boasts many airtime hills, helices, and 2 misty tunnels.
Type: Rollercoaster
Total Thrill Score: 14
Height Score: 3
Speed Score: 3
Duration Score: 3
Inversion and Rotation Score: 1
Wow Factor Score: 4
Height: 200 - 299 ft.
Speed: 65 - 99 mph
Duration: 2 min. - 2 min. 59 sec.
Inversion and Rotation:
No Rotation and No Inversions
Wow Factor:
This is the Number 1 roller coaster in the country, and it provides great G Force's and Alot of Airtime.
 Superman: Ride of Steel
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Superman: Ride of Steel Superman: Ride of Steel Superman: Ride of Steel Superman: Ride of Steel Superman: Ride of Steel
Superman: Ride of Steel  
Rating: 9.0
Based on 25 ratings.
Reviews & Ratings for Superman: Ride of Steel
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
Canobie Coaster
Rating: 10
Many coasters out there have tons of hype associated with them. Some live up to it, while others donít. Well ladies and gentleman the Man of Steel definitely lived up to his impressive reputation and even exceeded it! This is definitely one of the few rides on the planet that totally lack any dull moments once cresting the lift hill, providing the ultimate blend of negative and positive Gs, drops and helixes. Superman excels in many fields to say the least and is totally deserving of all the accolades and rave reviews it constantly receives. This Intamin creation truly is a masterpiece and the best coaster I have ever been on!

Having only been to one Six Flags park, I canít comment on the entire chain, but I have always heard so many negatives towards Six Flags in terms of their theming, or lack there of. However, I thought Six Flags did an incredible job with Supermanís theming. From the Metropolis buildings around the ride to the very nice station, Superman looks well super! The ride ops are very energetic pumping everyone up for their ride and getting the station buzzing with excitement. This was so different from the complaints I have heard from others about Six Flagsí ops being uninterested and unfriendly. Well coaster enthusiasts arenít the only ones in love with this steel monster, but regular park-goers as well.

Generally I have found Superman to average 20 minute waits for me on weekdays. I canít comment on weekends since Iíve never visited the park on weekends due to horrific stories of unbearable crowds from friends and other enthusiasts. Superman has a very high capacity, running 2 trains each seating a whopping 36 passengers. Loading could be a tad faster, but it definitely has improved with each of my visits. Having been on a Morgan and B&M hyper, I have to say that Intamin has the least comfortable of the seats of the three. That being said, Superman still is quite comfortable thanks to a simple seatbelt and lap bar.

Now onto the ride (isnít that the point of reviewing it?). The ride begins with a long and relaxing climb up a 200+ foot lift hill. From here unobstructed views of the rest of the parkís thrills can be enjoyed off to the right or the tranquility of the Connecticut River can be enjoyed off to the left. Soon the train crests the lift hill beginning the insanity.

Superman begins with one of the best drops found anywhere, a steep, and I mean steep 220ft plunge that catapults riders skyward. Reaching speeds around 77mph, the train narrowly enters a wonderfully executed underground tunnel that provides one of the most frightening headchoppers on any ride. However, the excitement is only beginning as Superman then treated me to a good parabolic hill that gives a hearty dose of air. Then with such grace, speed, and intensity few coasters could execute, Superman flies through an intense overbanked turn that just piled on the Gs. Briefly after came two of the best air-time hills found on any ride. If you think you know what air-time is, get out to New England and experience these two hills and they alone will redefine what air-time is. Once you crest those hills, your butt wonít touch your seat until you reach the bottom.

At this point many coasters would let up, but Superman avoided the almighty kryptonite and then some. From what I had heard from other enthusiasts, the second half pales in comparison with the first half. That certainly wasnít the case for me. Without losing a step, Superman rockets into an intense helix that really treats riders to some of the strongest Gs Iíve ever experienced. I canít say the strongest because after a huge, swooping air-time hill, another helix provides the most powerful Gs of any coaster Iíve ever experienced. Next came the picturesque s-hill into the second and final of Supermanís tunnel, which provides incredible ejector air mixed with great laterals. But just before hitting the brake run, Superman has yet another drop filled with negative Gs and then two more great bunny hills that give air just as advertised, and then some. Still maintaining speed that would be a top speed for many other coasters, Superman speeds into the brake run finally giving riders a chance to breathe.

Superman is not only the best steel coaster Iíve been on, but also the best coaster that Iíve been on, period! The Man of Steel excels in so many areas- air-time, Gs, intensity, speed, pacing- the list goes on and on. Thanks to relentless pacing, best air of any other steel coaster Iíve been on, and just intensity that rivals the real Superman, Superman is the king of coasters in my eyes.

Favorite Seat: Back (9:2)
Favorite Moment: 4th hill
Rating: 10
Rating: 8
Rai Fox
Rating: 9
One of the great "must ride" steel coasters. Worth going to the park just to get on it.
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
Rating: 8
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