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Boulder Dash
Bristol, CT, United States
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Ride Description
Type: Rollercoaster
Total Thrill Score: 11
Height Score: 2
Speed Score: 2
Duration Score: 2
Inversion and Rotation Score: 1
Wow Factor Score: 4
Height: 100 - 199 ft.
Speed: 30 - 64 mph
Duration: 1 min. - 1 min. 59 sec.
Inversion and Rotation:
No Rotation and No Inversions
Wow Factor:
Set into the side of a mountain, Boulder Dash leaps and jumps from rock to rock, dodging between trees and swooping down toward the lake for its finale.
 Boulder Dash
© 2008
Boulder Dash Boulder Dash    
Rating: 9.5
Based on 15 ratings.
Reviews & Ratings for Boulder Dash
Rating: 8
Rating: 10
Canobie Coaster
Rating: 9
Year after year Boulder Dash receives acclaim from numerous websites, enthusiasts, and magazines. The hype certainly is there. Even Lake Compounce knows it and displays the ride's impressive honors at the ride's entrance. But as with all world-renowned coasters, does it live up to the hype? Simply put, yes.

Let me start off by saying that this is easily one of the most picturesque coasters on the planet. The way that the ride carves the mountainside dodging trees and boulders is just breathtaking. The ride works the mountainside so well that it's first half is a mystery no matter how many times I ride, and it's an out-and-back coaster!

Lines for this usually are on the short side, rarely exceeding 20 minutes for any seat. I find the back and front about equal in terms of ride, but the front is better simply because of the incredible view.

Boulder Dash begins with a tranquil climb up the mountain and is followed by a slow turn. The ride then flies down the first drop, gaining an incredible amount of speed. Following that are two rather large hills. Unfortunately none of those three hills delivered air-time like I had hoped for, but after that the ride delivered. The first half had many changes in direction and was really out-of-control, delivering nice floater air along with decent laterals.

While the first half is good, the second half is incredible. Once flying around the lateral-filled turnaround, Boulder Dash just seems to kick it into high gear, flying so gracefully over the many bunny hills during the return leg, each providing very good air. It really is true coaster bliss for an enthusiast. The second half just is incredible and heck I think the ride even accelerates during the return leg.

Boulder Dash really is a world-class coaster, combining a great setting, a relentless pace, copious air, and laterals all in one package. But how does it stack up to other coasters? Well I like it. I like it a lot. But there are a few gripes I have with it. One, the ride only has one major drop and I really wish it had at least one more. Two, I just really would have liked air during the first three hills. Lastly, I have gotten these incredible rides on Boulder Dash as I described in my review, and I have gotten some duds that had no air at all! Despite these flaws, Boulder Dash still is a great wooden coaster if it's running at its best.

Favorite Seat: Front (1:1)
Favorite Moment: Second Half
Rating: 10
One of the most interesting set up coaster to be found. Great speed and Forces.
Rai Fox
Rating: 10
One of the best wooden coasters on the planet, and even better this year with the repairs and "new twist."
Rating: 9
Rating: 9
Rating: 10
New #1 coaster.
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
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