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Vintage Carousel
Family Ride or Attraction
Branson, MO, United States
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Ride Description
Pick a horse and take a ride on this classic carousel.
Type: Family Ride or Attraction
Total Thrill Score: 8
Height Score: 1
Speed Score: 1
Duration Score: 3
Inversion and Rotation Score: 2
Wow Factor Score: 1
Height: 0 - 99 ft.
Speed: 0 - 29 mph
Duration: 2 min. - 2 min. 59 sec.
Inversion and Rotation:
Rotation, but no Inversions
Wow Factor:
Vintage Carousel is a fun ride, and an okay thrill.
Rating: 3.0
Based on 1 rating.
Reviews & Ratings for Vintage Carousel
Rating: 3
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