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Kingda Ka
Jackson, NJ, United States
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Ride Description
As of this writing, Kingda Ka is the tallest, fastest rollercoaster in the world. You can see this monster rise above the trees as you drive down 537 in New Jersey. There is no description that can give this ride justice. It is the pinnacle of extreme rides and ride technology.
Type: Rollercoaster
Total Thrill Score: 15
Height Score: 4
Speed Score: 4
Duration Score: 1
Inversion and Rotation Score: 2
Wow Factor Score: 4
Height: 300+ ft.
Speed: 100+ mph
Duration: 0 - 59 sec.
Inversion and Rotation:
Rotation, but no Inversions
Wow Factor:
I wish I could give this ride a wow-factor score of 93. It deserves the recognition. At over 400 feet tall, Kingda Ka is one of few rides to break the strata-coaster barrier. A humble wow at the feet of a giant.
 Kingda Ka
© 2008 Nate Smith
Kingda Ka Kingda Ka    
Rating: 9.5
Based on 23 ratings.
Reviews & Ratings for Kingda Ka
Rating: 10
For three years I have attempted to ride Kingda Ka. I went the month it opened, and it was not operating the day I was there. I went the following year, and the wait time was over six hours, and my group refused to stand that long. Finally, I rode this king of coasters on a cool August day in 2008 when the wait time was only 15 minutes. And I rode it again, and again... From the 0 to 128mph launch in under 4 seconds to the 420 foot plummet back to Earth, Kingda Ka is full-out excitement. The launch pushes you so far back into your seat you gain a new appreciation for astronauts and fighter pilots. The view as you crest the top of the hill is unbelievable, and the thrill of plunging straight down after that crest is equally mind bending. If you are a coaster enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to make a pilgrimage to Jackson, NJ.
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
One of the Best & Tallest in the World
Rating: 9
Rating: 1
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
Rating: 10
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