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The Cyclone
Brooklyn, NY, United States
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Ride Description
This is it... The world famous Coney Island Cyclone. No other roller coaster elicits nostalgic feelings the way the Cyclone does. This wooden coaster has been thrilling riders since June 26, 1927.
Type: Rollercoaster
Total Thrill Score: 11
Height Score: 1
Speed Score: 2
Duration Score: 2
Inversion and Rotation Score: 2
Wow Factor Score: 4
Height: 0 - 99 ft.
Speed: 30 - 64 mph
Duration: 1 min. - 1 min. 59 sec.
Inversion and Rotation:
Rotation, but no Inversions
Wow Factor:
Nostalgia has to count for something, and on this site, it counts for a lot. This is the godfather of roller coasters, and it has a special place in the hearts of coaster lovers. Unbelievable.
 The Cyclone
© 2008 Nate Smith
The Cyclone The Cyclone    
Rating: 7.5
Based on 19 ratings.
Reviews & Ratings for The Cyclone
Rating: 10
Finally. I finally had an opportunity to visit Coney Island and ride the Cyclone. After purchasing my $8 ticket, I walked through the white iron queue and waited only a minute or two for the next train. As I looked out at Raritan Bay, I couldn't help but smile. I had waited countless years to ride this coaster. With steep drops, tight turns, and over 80 years of memories under my seat, I was not disappointed. You can feel the breeze coming in from the bay, smell the fried goodies cooking on the boardwalk, and listen to the seagulls squawk above your head. This is a sensory overload every coaster fan should experience.
Rating: 9
Rating: 7
Rating: 8
Rating: 8
Rating: 8
Rating: 9
This classic Ride definitely lives up to its Hype. Amazingly this old timer can still compete with the young Hyperactive coasters of today.
Rating: 8
Rating: 7
Rating: 8
What else can you say. It was everything, I thought it would: Old, traditional, rough, thrilling and timeless. I took away a bruise as badge of honor.
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